Dragonfly Publishing

Important Notice About Our Books

Dragonfly Publishing will be moving away from Amazon as its main distributor. Our current author contracts, which will end in the summer of 2022, are contracted to distribute through all booksellers, but for our own titles, we will promote independent distribution instead. We will still offer printing and shipping via Ingram Content Group, whose catalog includes all online distributors, including Amazon.

October 25 update: Dragonfly has discontinued its Facebook account. I believe that large corporations must do their best to uphold democracy, truth, social, economic, and environmental justice. Many companies make mistakes but learn along the way. Facebook is one company that has an abysmal track record and puts profit greedily above fixing their mistakes. For that reason, Dragonfly Publishing no longer will use that company as a platform. You can continue to find our updates on Twitter and on Discord.

What you can find in the near future:

  • More indie-focused marketing.
  • Research and movement toward online and physical independent bookstores that work with niche publishers. We have a new shop at Bookstore, so you may also order our books from there and help support independent bookstores.
  • Direct book sales and invoices from our website. You may now order books directly from us. See this page for a link to an order form for our books. Currently, Winds of Change is still in transition.
  • Direct shipping from our Ingram printer.
  • More freedom to price our books fairly, with the inclusion of discounts.
  • A continued print-on-demand (PoD) model.
  • More samples online, so you have a better idea of what you’re getting.
  • Movement toward a web-based review system. I would recommend reviews at Storygraph, which is an independent book site similar to Goodreads.
  • Titles will stay at Amazon because Ingram cannot simply slice out its distribution to one seller, but we now offer digital and print books through our website as well as from independent bookstores.

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