Outdoor Tales for Kids

Title: The Mountains
ISBN: 978-1-927685-45-7
Author: Mary Woodbury
Publication date: December 7, 2023
Category: Fiction/Series (Outdoor Tales for Kids).
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Remember The Adventures of Finn Wilder? Well, Finn has a new cousin, Wyatt, so I’ve changed the series name to Outdoor Tales for Kids. In Book 1, The Mountains, cousins Finn and Wyatt meet for the first time. Their families live far apart but have a family reunion in the mountains between them. Finn is almost three when the story begins, and Wyatt is a year and a half. They experience a hike in the mountains and discover nature on the trailside, such as quaking aspens and late-blooming flowers like the purple harebell, Arctic gentian, and wood’s rose. Their mamaw also shows them a quartz. At night around a campfire, they see their first constellation, Orion, a full moon, and many stars above the dark pine trees. Soon, they see fireflies glowing around them, and it occurs to them, even at their young ages, how magical the outdoors is.

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