About Dragonfly Publishing

Dragonfly Publishing is a registered sole proprietorship self-publishing business in British Columbia, BC. It is an offshoot of Moon Willow Press, where I have traditionally published other authors. The press is closing, and now I’ve partnered with Stormbird Press, in Australia, which will be acquiring many MWP titles.

You will find my book ordering information, some free stories, blog posts, and even a few MMO ideas here at the site! See Other Writings and Projects.

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About Me

Me at Fitz’s Pub in Doolin Ireland with my “That’s What I’m Tolkien About” tee.

My name is Mary Woodbury, but I write fiction under the pen name Clara Hume. I revised my first published novel, Back to the Garden (Moon Willow Press, 2013), into the first part of the Wild Mountain Series–a duology of novels set in a speculative, post-apocalyptic world. Don’t worry: it’s not all doom and gloom. When humans in crisis–even in failing societies–help each other out, that’s where hope lives. The Wild Mountain series can be categorized as eco-speculative fiction.

I live with my husband and cats in the lower mainland of British Columbia, but in spring 2020, we will be moving across Canada to Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and have fond memories of the bluegrass state, mainly in the Appalachian Mountains. Things to be sentimental about: shucky beans, cornbread, climbing mountains, spending time with family, bluegrass, fields of horses, and good ol’ bourbon. After growing up in the Midwest, from the cornfields of central Indiana to the Chicago suburbs, I attended Purdue University and earned degrees in English and anthropology. After college, I eventually made my way to the West coast, to California. There, I ran Jack Magazine (now archived at Stanford University), with Michael Rothenberg, of Big Bridge. I opened Moon Willow Press in 2010, a niche press publishing first-time authors–some who I had worked with at Jack.

I also run Dragonfly.eco, which includes information about global eco-fiction, a database of hundreds of books, interviews with authors, and much more, including probably the largest environmental song playlist ever. I opened the site in 2013, first concentrating on fiction about climate change and then broadening the scope, though climate change is still a focus.

My hobbies, besides reading and writing, mostly include the outdoors. I like being on trails, and love hanging out in rivers and oceans. When I’m home, I’d rather be in my yard tending to my small garden than doing almost anything else. Sometimes I just hang out in the backyard, drink red wine, and talk either to family or friends on the phone or with my husband when he’s not down in the woodshop creating things. I’ve seen some interesting wildlife in the back yard, including a black bear, who surprised me once when I was watering a tree, and a skunk who came out from under our deck to gather some weeds.

Moon Willow Press & Dragonfly Publishing traditionally have donated to tree-planting each year, with a portion of book sales resulting in the planting of 1,691 trees between 2010-2019! Dragonfly Pub will reallocate donations in 2020 to ecological action in Nova Scotia each year as a member of the Ecology Action Center.