Winds of Change: Short Stories About Our Climate

Title: Winds of Change: Short Stories about Our Climate
ISBN: 978-1-927685-42-6
Authors: Various
Publication date: 2nd edition: August 20, 2022
Category: Fiction/Anthology
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What’s New in the 2nd Edition?

In the 2nd edition, you’ll find a brand new cover as well as an updated introduction and acknowledgments page, new author biographies, poems from Michael Rothenberg’s latest book (In Memory of a Banyan Tree, Lost Horse Press, 2022), and a study guide. I’d like to personally thank Western Michigan University for not only using this book in their curriculum about climate change and literature but for exploring some of its stories in their book Teaching Climate Change to Adolescents: Reading, Writing, and Making a Difference (Routledge, 2017).

Winds of Change: Short Stories about Our Climate is a diverse collection of eighteen insightful, witty, and emotional short stories about climate change. The selected stories are the result of a short story contest run by (then in the summer of 2014. In collaboration with 100,000 Poets (Artists/Authors) for Change, Dragonfly engaged authors from Vancouver, BC, and other places around the world, to create speculative fiction about a harsh reality: our planet-at-risk. With a foreword by Michael Rothenberg, Winds of Change also includes several poems by Stephen Siperstein and Carolyn Welch. The second edition includes Michael Rothenberg in the poetry line-up.

The selected short stories include the winner Robert Sassor’s “First Light” and honorable mentions by authors John Atcheson, Rachel May, JL Morin, Anneliese Schultz, and Craig Spence. Other authors include Gabriella Brand, Paul Collins, Conor Corderoy, M.E. Cooper, Charlene D’Avanzo, Michael Donoghue, JoeAnn Hart, Janis Hindman, Clara Hume, Stephan Malone, Christopher Rutenber, and Keith Wilkinson.

News about contributing author John Atcheson: I’m sad to report the passing of a long-time colleague and a contributing author to Winds of Change: Short Stories About Our Climate. I’ve so loved John’s novels about the environment. Click here for the news from Common Dreams.

And click here for one of my interviews with John.

My heart breaks for John’s passing, and for his surviving family.

100,000 Poets for Change is an annual event that brings together poets, authors, musicians, and artists across the planet in a demonstration and celebration to promote peace and sustainability–and to call for serious social, environmental, and political change. The founder and organizer, Michael Rothenberg will be contributing the anthology’s foreword.

15% of all print book net sales will be donated to, which has a strong mission to mobilize grassroots movements all over the world to raise awareness of climate change and help mitigate it.

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