Dragonfly Publishing

Books and Ordering


Dragonfly’s titles are printed and distributed internationally by Ingram Content Group and may be found at IndieBound and Bookshop. You may find our Bookshop affiliate page here.

  • Please view title pages for our online book catalog. Each title page (see below) has a link for ordering the book as well as suggested market retail price.
  • We are moving away from Amazon as much as possible and supporting direct orders for print through the website, as well as print titles through local shops such as Bookshop.org.
  • We’re moving our digital books from Amazon Kindle to Smashwords.
  • For direct orders, shipment is through Ingram, and indie bookstore buyers may receive up to 25% off. Shipment costs vary according to your preferences.
  • Note that our model of on-demand publishing and mission to reduce waste means that we will not accept returns on books. We also use paper only from sustainably managed forests.


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