Dragonfly Publishing


Dragonfly Publishing is going through some changes! We’ve traditionally been an imprint of Moon Willow Press, a small indie press that published authors from around the world. Moon Willow Press is closing in August 2022 after the last of our author contracts are done. Dragonfly Publishing will stand alone as a self-publishing company that might occasionally print anthologies. We also have other services.

  • Finn’s Tree Alphabet is on sale now! Perfect for nature lovers and the wee ones in your life.
  • I finally added some of the older books from Moon Willow, including the Lost Ages series of short stories and the children’s story The Little Big Town.
  • Dragonfly announces a new series of children’s books, which coincide with the birth of a young boy in the family: Finn Wilder. See the website for Finn and a new book announcement for Finn’s Tree Alphabet, on sale now!
  • Announcing the second edition of Winds of Change, an anthology exploring short stories about our climate. The title was originally published in October 2015, and 15% of its sales go to 350.org. The book is still being used in universities teaching about fiction and climate change. Because of this, we will not change any of the beloved stories but will offer a new cover, updated author biographies, and a new introduction.
  • Fairly new this year are two new services: book reviews and editorial.
  • I’ll be moving promoting other indie bookstores rather.
  • New at the site is a plugin called BookPress, which I’ll use to share more samples of Dragonfly’s books.
  • You can find news about my eco-fiction project and books at Dragonfly.eco. Sign up for the newsletter here.