Book Review Services

In the past I’ve offer limited book review services. You can see a few examples of past reviews at the top of my projects page hereContact me for more information. Note: Due to time constraints, I’m temporarily not doing regular or in-depth reviews.


  • The book must have an environmental focus and can be fiction or nonfiction. If you’re not sure about what kind of fiction falls into this category, please see the article What is Eco-fiction? at my project.
  • A terms of agreement and invoice will precede my reading and an honest review of the book.
  • You must send a digital review copy for reading purposes. This copy will not be given or sold or shared with anyone and will be used solely for the purpose of review.
  • Expect a 2-3 week turnaround for blurbs and short reviews and up to 4 weeks for an in-depth review. Note that the in-depth review is currently not available.
  • You must accept and pay for an honest review of your book preceding any work I do. However, I will offer a first glance read (see “Fees” below), which doesn’t cost much, so that you can gauge my review outcome if you’re not sure you want an honest review.
  • Payment will be processed through Paypal, with any service fees paid by you, the customer. My Paypal email is available upon contact with me. See above.
  • You may not change my review wording when using any part of it in book sales, promotions, book covers, or any other place, though you may excerpt it verbatim.
  • I might not agree to review a book based upon my time, too many grammatical errors, etc.
  • Because I offer samples, so that you can get an idea of the types of reviews I do, and because I offer a first glance, I will not offer refunds if you simply do not like or agree with my review.
  • I will, however, offer a partial refund if, upon reading your book, I find that there are certain subjects in the book–such as promoting fundamentalist views, illegal or NSFW content, hate speech, pseudo-science, racism, homophobia, scientific denialism, and other conspiracy, prejudice, or intolerant viewpoints–that would prevent me from writing any kind of positive review. This condition must be agreed to up-front, and because it is upfront and because a reading fee would still apply, only a partial refund would be given.


The following fees do not include tax. Tax will be added according to federal and provincial laws if the client resides in Canada.

  • First glance: $10.00 CAD for a quick look at the book to see whether a review would be overall positive or negative. I would read sample parts of the book and any online descriptions and reviews. No review would follow unless you buy one of the review services explained below. Note that a first glance read is not required for any of the below services and is offered out of fairness.
  • Editorial blurb: $50.00 CAD for up to 200 words. This involves a cursory read of a sample and descriptions of your book. You may use the blurb on any promotional materials, but I will not post the blurb anywhere.
  • Regular review: $75.00 CAD for a 300-400 word review. This involves a quick read of your book as well as news articles and publisher descriptions. For books over 350 pages, this cost will increase. The review will appear at, and you may use an excerpt of the review on your own promotional materials as long as you link it back to the review. Note: The regular review service is currently not available.
  • In-depth review: $100.00 CAD for a review of minimally 700 words. This involves an in-depth read of your book up to 350 pages. The review will appear at, and you may use an excerpt of the review on your own promotional materials as long as you link it back to the review. Note: The in-depth review service is currently not available.