First, if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been migrating everything from over to I decided to put my blog at this site, so here we are.

My last post covered why I’m currently on an oasis from running while I await news on my foot. But I’m still hiking, even in winter, and enjoying those silent places. I’ve found a northern flicker on the trails near campus but haven’t been able to catch it on my camera, for as soon as I get close, it flies higher in this one pine tree near the creek. It’s a beautiful bird with a bit of red and light blue on its head and a spotted gray body. It’s in the woodpecker family.

The duck families have been out en masse on the creek, too, despite the cold weather and many snowfalls. The thing is, we began to have an early spring and then a few weeks of colder than usual weather. Daffodils had been blooming in Vancouver as well as cherry trees. My little baby cherry tree out back also has new buds. Even my sage somehow has survived the cold.

On Thursday, I and a coworker went out for a hike at Deer Lake. For some reason, maybe because it had been sunny with snow melt, I didn’t realize the snow hadn’t melted much out there. She is a runner, and me a former one (for now), so we managed to hike okay out to the lake.

That’s about it for my post today, so enjoy some photos. I will write again soon about an amazing podcast I just heard–but that’s for another day.

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