A Rainy Hike

Today was my last hike before resuming my runs next week (unless we get out this weekend!). The rain has been endless and exhausting in the last two months, swelling creeks and whitening mountains. Trees are mostly bare, and as we near the winter solstice and days shorten, by the time I leave work at 4:30, the crows are singing and congregating in great number since my workplace is very near a rookery.

The outdoor motions and scents of pines and sounds and light and shadow are marvelous to behold this time of year. Even trudging nearly three miles in a heavy rain (I got soaking wet, despite an umbrella and rain jacket) was a great time…all the while continuing to listen to the Lore podcast.


I stopped to photograph this little pine tree that seemed just so perfect. In the background, though you can’t see it very well here, is a small salmon-bearing creek, and it is usually pretty mellow but is rushing at this time of year due to some high winds and heavy rains. It gives you a sense of being a part of something brewing!

By the time we get home, it will be dark and my new solar winter lights, hanging on the balcony, will be lit and smiling. I plan to drink a wine by the fireplace later and brace for the colder weather we will be getting tomorrow and throughout the weekend–the first time it will dip below freezing and possibly even snow!

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