I was dreaming the other day of snow, and watched the news this weekend because the snow was supposed to start at 3 or 4 am this morning, but it wasn’t forecast to be too heavy. Less than 1 cm. When I awoke this morning and saw white outside through our blinds, I got super happy, just like a little kid. And then I think: the day these little things cease to thrill me, I will be truly bummed.

The snow was supposed to turn to rain this afternoon, but it has actually redeveloped into some very heavy flurries. Getting to work this morning took almost two hours. I still took a half-hour break earlier though, just to get out in it and take a small hike through the woods. We are now supposed to get 5 cm today, not heavy but nice to see. Right now it is not too cold, hovering right around freezing, so the snow is hard and packs well. I made a snowball and thew it to nobody, thrilled to be able to enjoy even a little bit of the powder.

We have an Arctic cold front at the moment, so nights are getting a little colder, and on Wednesday we are supposed to get more snow. I will try to bring the good camera to work on Thursday and go out to take more photos.

hikesnow1 hikesnow2

The woods today was so silent and hushed, peaceful and light. I really loved the small walk I was able to take and look forward to more.

Tomorrow is my first back-to-running day, but it will probably be on the treadmill, sadly!

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