The Drought Continues

I have had five days off from running, though interjected a few days of hiking instead. My second week of vacation was spent recuperating from constant activity (cleaning, cooking, stocking food, entertaining, etc. an extra five people in our household!)–this was all good for the most part. But when it was all over, I sat down and could hardly get back up. The last day our company was here, we hiked around Buntzen Lake, and lo and behold, it was the first cool day after weeks, and we were suddenly exposed to a drenching, sweet rain that fell upon our tired, brown, and dry bodies.

But after that day, temperatures have climbed back up. According to The Province, our drought rating has reached the maximum level and stricter water restrictions are in force. The wildfire smoke lifted from our skies last week, but forest wildfires have increased also. It’s just that they aren’t as close by.

Tomorrow I will go back to my routine running schedule. At least the temperatures won’t be quite so hot tomorrow or for the rest of the week, which will make running almost pleasant.

I wish I had the usual insights when writing about running in today’s climate. But I am still exhausted. I miss my dad; when he was alive, our family as a whole seemed healthier. Perhaps our planet was healthier.

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