Spring is such a flirt. It is warm and sunny one week, cool and rainy the next. How will I ever court this fickle season!

Yesterday my coworker and I once again hiked around Deer Park Lake, this time without the snow, so we went a further distance. You can tell by the brown how things haven’t quite greened in some areas.

Our trip to the Aquarium last weekend with in-laws was a lot of fun, so I’ll post some photos here. I was a little disturbed that over a year ago Vancouver’s Aquarium was going to ban whales and dolphins, animals that do not do well in captivity. Yet, there is still a dolphin show there–they claim to only use dolphins rescued that cannot be released back to the sea. Dolphins get extremely depressed in captivity. The Cove is a great documentary showing how depressed they get (as well as showing a lot of other issues with sea life injustice). While the Aquarium teaches children and adults about climate change and sustainability, which is great, I just find it hypocritical that they would also do this greenwashing. I have seen this within a lot of “environmental” organizations, and while none of us are perfect, if I were a profit organization like that I’d be transparent and try to find another way to rescue dolphins without exposing them to crowds and captivity. I agree education is important, but doing so with animals depressed by captivity is not the right way to go about it. I’d rather personally not see caged animals up close if it means they get depressed by such captivity.

Here are some photos from the day:

Black, spotted stingray
Goeldi’s monkeys
Green anaconda
Giant cockroaches
Sea lion
Some kind of strange species indeed

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