Wells Grey and Good News

Well, good news first. My CT scan and latest blood work show nothing to worry about, so the relief here is wonderful! It was really weighing me down. I am still suffering from some weird back muscle pain and swollen lymph nodes, so have another appointment. My guess now is maybe a virus and some achy muscles that I need to get PT on.

So after my bad running day last week, I didn’t go out again that week but did do a pretty fast (for me) two miles today. However, it is hard to go all week without some form of exercise, so on Saturday morning we did our long-holiday trip to Wells Grey Provincial Park. We did one hike that was about 5K, starting at about 1750m. The altitude gain was 700-1000m. It was all up-hill to a meadow that overlooks Trophy Mountain. We weren’t sure of where to go, so stopped at the meadow, though we learned if we had kept going there was a lake nearby.

Being in the mountains like that feels ancient, not of this world. We didn’t see any other people on our hike and absolutely no other sign of people, save for some tags on trees. We did see a very healthy looking young black bear! However, it is the same hike my husband took when he was a kid, and he said the glacial ice was way more then than it is now. Here’s a photo from the meadow looking toward Trophy Mountain:


While at Wells Grey, we also visited Helmcken Falls and spent a wonderful night at the Clearwater Springs Ranch, run by a couple from Belgium who were the friendliest people we’ve met on the road in a long time!

While out in nature we also started making some Blue Dot Run team photos for the upcoming Great Climate Race on November 8.

Morgan at Wildflower Meadow, Trophy Mountain

Me standing in front of Helmcken Falls

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