A Whole Summer Has Gone By!

I am the worst blogger. I last wrote in June. Not that too many people probably ever read the blog, but I’ve been very busy lately. During the summer, I planted and harvested beans, tomatoes, sage, thyme, mints, turnips, beets, and onions. I made a big pot of shucky beans and have another round of beans almost dried out for the next batch. These beans are turning out to be very good, like my mamaw used to make. We rebuilt our firepit, added a hoop fence over the strawberry patch, and did the typical summer yard work. Morgan built two more wood sheds so that we can fit three cords of wood somewhere this fall and winter. The wood gets delivered next weekend, and the weekend after that we hope to have a wood-stacking party.

I also wrote another children’s book and finished the final part of the Wild Mountain duology. As I type this, I’m sort of exhausted. Summer was nice though. I got out and got some sun on my skin and was very creative.

We’re also getting ready to go on our biggest vacation since Covid began. Of course, last year we had a great trip to Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island, but in just about a month, we’re headed to Chicago for a wedding. We’ll be driving down through Maine, right at the time of peak colors, so I’m excited. It’s also a family reunion, and I get to finally meet Mr. Finn Wilder, who is almost a year old. I’ll post a photo, because I’m in love. The following photo was taken in early July, but I just really like it. It’s one of the few where I can see his face close up.

Other News

  • Queen Elizabeth died today at age 96.
  • Jordan Peele’s Nope was a great movie, and I also liked Men, by Alex Garland.
  • The world is getting stranger. People seem to be drifting further from reality than ever before.
  • Woke is not a bad four-letter word.
  • I have recently been getting into the Red Hot Chili Peppers again.
  • This year we have two bucks in our yard instead of Mama Doe and babies. One is a piebald, whom I call Pieface.

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