A Bit of a Bummer, but All Is Not Lost

Well, I looked forward all year to the Great Climate Race 10K (which was this morning), but my toe is fractured and I cannot run until it heals. It seems to get better for a bit until I start running again, and then it gets worse because I’m not letting it heal the right way. This means probably no running for at least the next 2-4 weeks, and I missed the beautiful race today. I was reading in some running forums that I have followed for a couple years now and note that some of the guys who were regularly running have gotten terrible injuries in the past couple months (they were running up to 50K a week in some cases, and their injuries are far worse than a toe problem). They seem to be not able to run at all for much longer. It’s a bummer, but such is life, and I just refuse to let things get me down. The race is a great cause, and autumn is my favorite time to run, but I’m alive and can do different things (going to the gym, biking, etc.) until I can have foot impact again. I could be worse off, and I’m not, so that’s cool.

I spent the day going back through my Ireland photos and reliving the trip in a project (a DVD I’m making for Mom and other family), so it was fun to be creative today, even if I had to stay off my foot. I keep getting this feeling that I need to go back to Ireland. It felt like we belonged there. I still dream of it and listen to Celtic music and am reliving it in the novel I’m writing. The research involves learning more about the mythology of Ireland and Scotland as well, which is super interesting to me. It seems to be all I do anymore in my free time. I guess it would be unrealistic to live there ever, but here’s to hoping we can go back some year–maybe even stay for a month or so. I’d also like to visit Country Cork, go back to County Clare, and make it up to Tyrone and take the ferry over to Scotland.

Anyway, here’s some more Ireland photos I don’t think I’ve posted yet in this blog!

Up on the Cliffs of Moher trail, on the side opposite from the sea
Looking down below from the Cliffs of Moher trail
Parke’s Castle, Sligo
A peat field, County Clare
Ruin above Doolin
Ruins, Ireland
Doolin Cave
The Burren
Me hiking out on the Burren
The horses at our cottage ate straw out of our hands


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