Cabin Fever

The fractured toe thing has been driving me crazy, in so far as even though I can wobble around and have even gotten my Google fit walks on some days, no running is giving me sort of an edgy, cooped-up feeling. I have been on the stationary bike a few times, but it’s not the same. Also, we’ve been having day after day of rain. 28 straight days in October, I think. The rains at time are soft and gentle, and other times they are so loud and discordant that it feels surreal.

Last week I had to bring the better camera to work, however, to get some photos of students for an upcoming event. I also took a few small walks on the trails so I could take some closeup shots. Here I present you with some of those, but without much other news about being in the great outdoors–only a deficiency of such activity kind of has me down.

img_3459 img_3465 img_3471 img_3472

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