Rain and Love

Today’s run was wet, wet, wet. It feels good, though.

I tell myself when I run not to think about my body, not to let it conquer my thoughts when there is tiredness or soreness. Instead my thoughts drift to other things. Then I feel light and springy, and running feels natural, as if I were meant to do it. Sometimes I feel I should be running for something. Not just running for me. When it comes down to it, I do run for me, though, since my running doesn’t affect anyone else. But I like to think that I’m running for the planet or for some great cause. Maybe someday I will.

But today, in my mind, I ran for not just for me but for the greatness of real love. And, in doing so, something was definitely on my mind. I’m going to be purposefully vague so that people reading this who know me won’t jump to conclusions, but a very dear friend who is gay got married recently. I love that person and their partner so very much. It hurts me to see other friends/family of theirs, usually fundamentalist Christians, not be supportive and loving about these unions. It hurts the couple so much.

Today I ran for tolerance, for love, for acceptance. I ran off steam, being angry at the hurt this has caused my friend. I ran it off, as it affects me too because it is so hard to see a friend in pain crying during the aftermath of an otherwise beautiful wedding. I ran in the pouring rain, which seemed to mirror my anxiety of this whole issue. Thankful for my own love with my husband, which is strong and continual, I know that it would be so difficult if friends and family around us didn’t support us for whatever reason.

Read a quote by Tori Amos today:

If you have an issue with homosexuality, then it comes to your own fear and your own darkness.

(We need to stop the spread of this fear and darkness.)

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