Two Lies, One Truth

Life sure is moseying along, folks. By the way, if you are curious about the work we’re doing in our yard, please see my ongoing series Nova Scotia Wildlife. I should probably change that to Backyard Wildlife, but it’s my intention to eventually be able to visit other wild places in the province!

Today the Norway and red maples outside my windows are gently waving in the wind. The meadow grasses out back are tall, and roses are blooming every where. It gives me peace, this natural world. It’s a nice time to write or to be outside. I am constantly out there, watering and mulching trees, working in the garden.

But for now I am taking a breather and just writing a post about one of my other pastimes: gaming. I have on and off played the reboot of Classic Wow since nearly a year ago, when it began. I was so excited to quickly get to 60 back then, but the day the game came out I was at work and, being the start of the semester, it was such a busy time for me that I got my druid to 45 or so and took a break. Part of it was that the guild I was in was leveling so fast and I couldn’t keep up and I wanted to find something a little more leisurely. I eventually put that character on hold and leveled a horde priest from an already established guild who were mostly 60 but leveling alts at the time–so I had some company leveling. I quickly got to 60 (last fall) and began raiding with them, but then we moved to a different time zone, and I just had issues staying up that late as they raided on Pacific Time. I then gravitated back to my alliance druid, because there’s rumors of The Burning Crusade eventually coming out as well. Druids got a real boost in that expansion. However, the guild I joined is super nice and fun, and now I just feel like I’ve found a home as far as my guild and realm (Pagle). The guild leader and main tanks are all women, and their philosophy is to treat everyone respectfully and fairly, so that’s right up my alley. The guild is diverse, and no right-wing bullshit is allowed. I’ve been playing with them for about six weeks or so. I got my initial druid to 60 pretty quickly, before I joined their guild, and guild-hopped some as I was not quite finding the group I wanted to play with–finally found this guild and began playing with them. I was already familiar with the raids, and  playing a resto druid, so I think I fit well. Because they only had two other resto druids, I soaked up loot pretty quickly, and though I haven’t gotten any of the great rings or trinkets in Black Wing Lair, I have 7/8 tier 2 gear. One resto druid has quit, so now it’s just down to me and the other.

The guild also occasionally does some other things, which I try to get involved with as well. One of them is a strawberry hunt, where a player hides a gnome rogue, stealthed, with pink or red ponytails (two strawberries high) somewhere in a zone, and then the rest of us have to find it. Last week I hid my first one, high up on a mountain in Dun Morogh. I also found another “strawberry” that night. They also do trivia nights, but haven’t for a while. Tonight they’re doing “Two Lies, One Truth”…I think I may have played this once a long time ago, in real life, not in a game. I figured while I’m sitting here waiting for some vegetable lasagna to finish baking, I’d try to come up with some of my own. I don’t think I’ll give the answers. You guess! Maybe someday I’ll give you the truths, but not now. Those who know me will get most of these right, though! Here’s a few examples of  my Two Lies, One Truth:


  • I was stalked and harassed for years online by a creepy person.
  • In high school I was on the cross country running team.
  • I have made loved in a canoe.


  • At age 21 I took mushrooms in the Arizona desert with a group of friends.
  • We’re getting solar panels installed on our house this week.
  • I got R14 back in vanilla WoW.


  • I once emailed with the guy who originated Burning Man.
  • I have a tattoo of a dragonfly on my back.
  • In college, I went to Spain for a semester as a foreign exchange student.


  • I’m related to John Chancellor, long-time NBC journalist.
  • I’m related to Josh Holloway, who played Sawyer on “Lost.”
  • I’m related to Rosalynn Carter, Jimmy Carter’s wife.


  • My favorite flower is a rose.
  • My favorite animal is a lion.
  • My favorite tree is an oak.


  • My favorite city is New York City.
  • I love deep-dish pizza.
  • I drive an electric vehicle.


  • One of my favorite authors is Jeff VanderMeer.
  • I was born in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • I am an avid quilter.


  • As a child, I had a stuttering problem.
  • I majored in anthropology in college.
  • I love sweet tea. It’s my favorite drink!


  • I once traveled to Washington DC for a spelling bee contest. I lost.
  • I can cross sky-diving off my bucket list.
  • I took surfing lessons in Laguna Beach, California.


  • I tried to thru-hike the Appalachian trail, but got bit by a cottonmouth snake and had to stop.
  • A grizzly bear wondered into my yard once.
  • My first white-water rafting trip was down the Wolf River in Wisconsin.

The featured image is our house with the beginnings of the Solar City project. Our solar panel railings and electricity are installed on the house and garage. We’re waiting on the actual panels and some other part that may not be here for a few weeks. I guess that answers one truth above!

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