Kinder Morgan Protests

First, it seems anything and everything has stunted my running. Over the weekend I was getting ready to go out on my last day of week seven when I began having acute pain in my chest that made it hard to breathe. Had I not had this in the past I would assume it was a heart attack or something. The last time it happened significantly was in May of this year. It’s brought on by nothing! I spent hours in the emergency room back then only to learn that my lungs and heart were fine. So they phrased it “chest wall pain” and said it was not dangerous, just scary.

Well, this happened again over the weekend and prevented me from running, so I took it easy all weekend. The pain was terrible on Sunday, not as bad yesterday, and getting better today. My doctor finally said it was probably costochronditis, which is inflammation of the cartilage near the ribs, so ouch! Big downer frownie face here  It was so bad I could barely type or move or hardly breathe for a couple days. 🙁 I did get a blood test and ECG. No running until this clears up though. But don’t worry, because I miss running and cannot wait to get back to it. I’m hoping by this coming weekend.

Anyway, I was driving home from the doctor on the backroads near Burnaby Mountain, where there’s a protest going on against the Kinder Morgan pipeline. There has been a protest against this pipeline, which would go through Burnaby Mountain. The pipeline extends through unceded Coast Salish territory. And the oil is the same oil sands bitumen I discussed in my last running blog. Here’s more info about it. I just think it’s super ridiculous to increase this oil production when everything about it is worse than even regular oil when it comes to climate change. Yet, Canada…well, Canada is pushing it and the protestors are being…arrested? It’s just so crazy what’s going on up here. Anyway, I honked and waved at the protesters. They deserve the utmost respect and support.

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