The Business of Being Busy

I am writing this on my lunch break today, mainly because I have been bogged down lately in getting a book to the printer. The new title, Jim Schaefer’s Two Houses of Oikos, is Moon Willow Press’s first non-fiction title, and I have had a lot of great moments with the book so far. Jim is a professional author who has been published often in Canada’s media. Just wait–you’ll see–this book, a collection of environmental essays, is awesome! I’m attending a book fair in early May, over on the island, and will blog about that soon, but have a lot to do to get ready for it, including having this book ready. Over the weekend I also worked on an interview for the Women Working in Nature and the Arts Series, and that’s coming soon as well.

Being bogged down by business and projects, I woke up Saturday morning and, first thing, went with my husband to drop off posters for the Blue Dot Run, a race I’m trying to plan for next summer–and then we dropped off our car to be serviced and ran home–about 3.2 miles. Running is a wonderful interlude when you are so busy. Problem was, it was the hardest rain I’ve ever ran in! Freeing in a sense, and beautiful, it was nevertheless cold and stinging. I usually get so warm when I run that I just wore my short-sleeved running shirt. Boy, do I regret that. My husband, who ran along with me, had been smart to wear long sleeves. I was completely drenched by the end (and cut my run short to just over 5K–my new goal is 7k this week) because I was honestly that uncomfortably cold. My arms felt like icicles. Not only was it raining, but running home meant staying on urban sidewalks, where we were often splashed by cars and trucks driving quickly by and into puddles. Large swathes of cold arcing water flew our way, as if we were sitting in a splash area at Waterworld. When I got home I had to take off my running clothes in the basement and drape them over the big sink next to the washer, and then go upstairs and try to warm up and get back to working. I have to say that running, though at times a struggle, is getting more and more enjoyable, and I’m addicted to it.

But now it’s time to get back to work and projects–hopefully I can write more about my 10K goals soon.

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