Earth Hour After-Post

Saturday my husband and I ran a few miles at Poco Trail, and then came home to begin to brainstorm on Earth Hour, which began that night at 8:30.

Entrance to Poco Trail via Hyde Park

I already had my phone charging via a solar charger, but did not use it at all that night. I mentioned in the last post I had a hammock, but no stand. We tried to find a stand, but they are overpriced. For much cheaper we could make our own. We started the project around 6:00 pm down in our wood shop. I don’t know much about woodworking, but got a crash course Saturday and helped with measuring, designing, drilling, and adding screws. By 8:00 pm we had the base of the hammock and two “arms” but knew there was no way to finish it in half an hour–so the hammock is on standby! We need to add wings to the base so it won’t tip and add a locking mechanism for the arms.

A solar-powered phone charger. Got this for Christmas thanks to my little bro Willy.

Fueled by the beautiful run we had earlier, we wrapped up in flannel and headed to the deck before 8:30. The ambiance was provided by solar hanging lights, wine, and a couple crackling candles. Rather than read during Earth Hour, since my husband joined me, we talked instead. I was in the mood all night for no power, so ended up having an “Earth Night.”

Solar-powered reading spot. Hammock in the making.

When it got colder later and started raining again, and when my husband went off to do his own things, I read the book The Wild in You, by poet Lorna Crozier (whom I am interviewing soon) and Great Bear Rainforest photographer Ian McCallister. Lorna holds the Chair in the Writing Department at the University of Victoria. The book is a beautiful one–the photos and poetry working together in tandem to create some singular, memorable experiences.

Solar lamp lighting for reading THE WILD IN YOU on Earth Hour night.

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