Fickle Destiny

My toe is still healing and, for the most part, I am trying to keep off of it, so I didn’t have much weekend fun! Let’s go back to one of my favorite hiking adventures ever–in Oahu. I’ll preface this by saying that my husband and I were big fans of the television show “Lost”. You can read many of my rambling analyses on my Fickle Destiny blog (warning: I never proofread this, and the format sometimes is off). The title refers to Ben Linus, in the show, telling John Locke that destiny is a fickle bitch. Sometimes, in the current political climate, I feel that most deeply.

We first visited Oahu in 2011 after the series ended. And we went back again a couple years later. During our first visit, we concentrated on getting out of the city proper and into as much wild as we could find, including sailing into the open ocean, where we got to see a few humpback whales following our boat. We also hiked in Koko Crater Botanical Gardens and went on an eight-hour Lost tour, which took us to many filming locations (see the blog linked earlier). During the second visit, we stayed in a run-down cottage on the north shore, spending most of our time right in the sea, boogie-boarding, swimming, investigating the marine life, and talking with local fishermen.

I’d have to say that this time of year, when we experience days and days on end of rain (which is extremely important for the rainforest we live in), I start to crave a piƱa colada and sunshine. There is nothing I enjoy more than a hot sandy beach, an environment away from the city, and endless days of sunbathing and sea-swimming. Now, during the first visit neither of us had started running yet, but the second time around, Morgan had (I started the following year). I still remember him getting up pretty earlier in the morning to beat the humidity.

Oahu rainforest
Remember the temple door in Lost? Here it is.
Lost waterfall in Boquete (really dirty in real life when we went).
Koko Crater Botanical Gardens in the winter.
This is the second beach that the Lost crew moved to.
This is hiking into the cages area where Sawyer and Kate were locked up (also back here, the temple and the Orchid station). This area is private property and was once a zoological area.
Cliffs in Lost (too dangerous to actually walk out on).
Remember when Hurley got the Dharma Van started? It took place here at the Kualoa Ranch, where we hiked on our 2nd visit.
Orchid station frozen wheel door.

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