Not so Incredible Storms

Earlier in the week I tweeted about getting excited about running in some “incredible storms” Vancouver was supposed to get. This running generation will go down into history as the ones who practiced their sport in elements that are tied to climate change rather than the good old-fashioned single weather events and storms from the past. Don’t believe me? Just do a search about it.

Anyway, where I run we did not get the incredible storms. They hit west of us on the island and in North Van. Tuesday we did get hints of the sub-tropical storm that came through in waves, only my run happened in an odd pocket of still dryness between the rain and wind; it was the muggiest, warmest (for December), uncomfortable morning. I just had no energy and wondered how I will fare as a summer runner. I guess the one thing I could do, which I don’t do yet, is to carry water with me.

This morning’s run marked the first run of my last week of the c25K program. All I can say is: WOO! What a relief that that I have made it this far, despite a few bumps, and that I have hit the 30-minute straight running mark, and that there are just two more of these runs to go before the end of the program. Today’s run was much better; it was colder and did rain toward the end. What a sweet rain, the kind that falls straight down and steady. Felt so good. That’s what life is about, just being out there in nature exercising your body and mind.

Now I am wondering how to next proceed. I still cannot picture myself a “real” runner, though my pace is improving. I read forums where real runners do marathons through Death Valley or run through mountains or run one hundred miles. However, you never know.

I think my next goal will be a continuance of these 30 minute runs three times a week while continuing to improve my pace, and then maybe begin to increase my time on the weekend. Pretty soon I will hit 10 miles a week if I continue at this pace. I want to get to the point where I am done fighting the soreness and tiredness I feel during these 30-minute runs and increase my stamina. I could definitely picture myself on a long-distance run if my body cooperates.

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