Upon Us All a Little Rain Must Fall

Going into the week of American Thanksgiving, I’ve watched the skies turn rheumy and gray. We’re currently under a heavy rainfall warning, with up to 150 mm by Thursday. Watching the skies in the morning, on the way to work, with the peak of city buildings disappearing into the foggy atmosphere, it seems like a dystopian scene. I am happy to take a few days off this week to prepare for Thanksgiving, which to our Canadian friends and family is a plus. Unfortunately, this year, it turns out that no family members can make it. My dreams of big family togetherness grow smaller each year as everyone has their own things. Being on the west coast of Canada, hundreds of miles from anyone really, is the price we pay–not to mention the mountain passes being closed often this time of year, cutting us off from my husband’s family. I’m just thankful that we’ll still have a fun household with friends and I’m not going to let a ton of rain or lack of family this season get me down, because you just can’t let these things get you down.

I wanted to do some hiking this week, or maybe after our turkey dinner on Saturday, to find some fresh boughs of pine or cedar to decorate the house with…and I still might do that, but just realized…duh! We have a huge cedar tree on the side of our house and it’s nearly brushing up against the house in one spot. I think I’ll trim that area of the tree, where the branches are hanging over, and dry it out some. I’ll just put some pieces around the living room with pine cones, dried oranges, and candles, and wa-la, holiday decor. I like that simple and natural look. Something earthy, reminiscent of nature, not really anything else.

I realize I haven’t written the blog lately as much as usual, but I’ve just been busy with other things. I finished my piece about the Atnarko River and passed 10K words on my newest novel. I’ve also felt weirdly introspective lately, more than usual, and have not really felt like being online as much. I don’t know how to explain it, but maybe someday I will find the words.

The featured image is of a rainy run around Como Lake earlier this year.



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