A Bit of Running and Hiking Today

Today I ignored all that is wrong with me and went to Mundy Park with my husband. We ran and hiked, and it felt really good. I think because of my running in the past I still have some stamina inside or something. I felt no tiredness, no anything, and it just felt good. The dragonflies were buzzing around over Lost Lake and bullfrogs were calling. Lily pads floated in the murky water, and the skies were sunny, the rainforest trees waving, the others on the trail friendly and saying hello. In the lake, a big tree had fallen over and was the home to turtles resting in the sun. I loved it. After the hike/run we went to have a beer and lunch at one of our favorite pubs. Then we went to some friends later for a bbq and some wine. We came home and sat out by the bbq pit, contemplating the morning cloak butterfly larvae eating the elm tree out back and were excited to see a fat northern flicker bounce about the yard. I came in to listen to some Game of Thrones music and write before going out to the balcony soon when it gets dark, so I can watch the sunset. Of course it will be adorned by many fireworks in the sky on this Canada Day. I need to pick some dill out there for some potato salad I’m making tomorrow.

It’s been a good day, and if I had to live in a groundhog day situation I’d live today over and over. Running, hiking, a bbq with friends–and watching the cedars wave in the wind and woodpeckers minding their own business, and watching the ecology of a tree. What else do you truly need in life but a day like today?


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