With a bum foot and lack of running this year, along with a lot of writing, editing, and reading, I am really looking forward to getting outside and staying there for a while. Last Friday night I spent hours mesmerized by my own back yard while sitting outside until past dark, warming myself eventually by the fire pit after the sun went down. The cherry tree had blossomed, but by now has lost its blooms, like normal, and is growing nicely. There are northern flickers and robins and songbirds and insects and squirrels and who knows what else that comes into the yard when I’m not there.

Truth be told, I’ve been completely immersed into stories and in a lot of my free time I’ve spent time writing and reading and watching–missing the outdoors. Tonight we watched season 8’s episode 2’s Game of Thrones, for instance, and I continue to be completely mesmerized. I’m reading two different books at the moment and have some exciting interviews lined up.

But I also miss being outside a bit more. It has been rather gloomy here lately, mostly rainy, with peaks of sunshine now and then. I took advantage Friday night before another onslaught of rain, and mowed the front and back yard. Last night we had decent weather for an Earth Day reading, which I’ll talk about more later (it was awesome!).

But this is the time of year we are planning some tent camp trips, which I’m sure will bring me back to where I belong. Our first one is at the end of May, near our anniversary. We’ll see if the electric car can make it to Golden Ears Provincial Park and back. Then in August we have reserved, with family and friends, a three night tent camp on Salt Spring Island. In October we’re camping near Lake Mead in Nevada. I am looking forward to these times, because my best memories in life are in the outdoors and this will continue to be the case until I’m 80 or 100.

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