Next Up: Camping

It’s odd to be nearing August already. The summer feels eerie, and I feel lost in time. I try to feel part of the world, but the corruption in governments, the cognitive dissonance and ideological delusion in voters, the ignorance of why it’s important to take care of nature, the terrorist acts in various countries, the deep racism and hatred still such a part of modern globalization–these things continue to make me feel isolated. I feel so fortunate to have a husband, a family, and a few good friends to lean on, who open their eyes to certain cultural freakisms that we as humanity are part of and are as stunned as I am by what seems to be happening in the world all over. It feels worse than before, yet we have always been a hostile species in various regards.

August rolls in this coming long weekend, as it’s BC Day–another three-day holiday. I have to run four times this week to keep schedule with my 10K plan. And it’s warm here, muggy, sunny–not my favorite running weather at all.

This weekend is a bbq with friends. Next weekend, with those same friends we are going to Birkenhead Park for another camp trip. Also at a provincial campground, this one is more isolated than our May camp trip and hopefully won’t have nearby partiers making margaritas with loud electric blenders at night.  It is described as very quiet and remote. This park is about 90K northeast of Whistler.  According to the government site, the park is full of wildlife, including spotted owls, mountain goats, black bears and grizzly bears. Old growth forests, subalpine and alpine environments, large and small lakes all contribute to the park’s diversity.

We’ll head up on a Friday after work, pitch tents, and run on Saturday morning. I predict Saturday night we’ll settle back with some brew and great conversation. I can’t wait, as we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with our old friends lately due to their work schedules and conflicts.  Since it’s getting warmer here, I am wondering how cold the lake is. Regardless, if we can get in it, I will! Canoeing is another option–our friends like to kayak and canoe, as do we. The tranquil beauty of this lake is something I’m getting impatient about. I need, once again, to get out there, you know…away.

The weekend after is a long-time friend’s wedding. He gave a wonderful and funny speech at our wedding almost ten years ago, and now it’s his turn. My husband just enjoyed a two-day bachelor party over the weekend, which included a party one night and a wild-water raft trip the day after. I am happy our friend found someone special; they have been dating for several years.

By the time the next few weekends are over, it will be nearly time for the school term and will feel like the end of summer for me. I do, however, have plenty of exciting things in the fall coming up, so will post those later. Just wanted to pop in during the busy times with anticipation of another camp trip, which I’m looking forward to!

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