My two runs this week so far have been great. I can feel my legs tiring as I am pushing myself to run up to two minutes faster per mile. Today I just happened to look at Strava and saw 9.54 per mile during that segment. I am a slowish runner, so that was pretty good for me. As I’ve run this week, I’ve faced fears and gone back into the bear neighborhood and the cougar woods. I’ve gotten on the trail, picked up my feet, and still gazed in wonder at the world around me.

Last time I wrote, I was excited it was cooling down some, and I do think/hope we’re done with the 30+ temps, but it is getting back up into the 20s this week, with a lot of sun. Still, the leaves are falling, and I saw the first brilliant red maple leaves this morning.

Usually when I run, I stop ever so fast and take a photo of the trail ahead, and I noticed on this blog, maybe it always looks the same–even if I’m running different trails. So I took some new photos this week, from different perspectives.

Bigleaf maple at Deer Lake trails
Mossy trunk of bigleaf maple at Deer Lake
Leaves on the forest floor – Deer Lake
Looking up perspective – bigleaf maple against sky
Side of trail perspective – willow
Willow in view – heading back to campus
Looking down perspective – simple red maple

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