Spring Equinox

Today, the first day of spring, still feels like winter to me. However, from my window I can see north to the snow-capped coast mountains and view a sky that wants to turn blue but is white and fickle.  The word equinox means “equal night,” and the spring equinox happens when neither pole is tilted to the sun and the sun spends equal times above and below the horizon everywhere on Earth. I like this time of year, for things are in renewal after a long, cold winter. And that winter was so unusual for the Vancouver area.

I have been able to go on some hikes recently, hikes with runs, and love viewing the woods around me, for they are so green. I’m reminded of Ireland. The deep verdant colors and incredible lichen and moss are from a season of more precipitation than usual. According to weather reports, we might get more snow and some more coldness, but may also get a hot, dry summer, which I am anticipating. The rainforest is always refreshing, but I think part of my soul belongs in the hot desert–at least I lived in that biome for years when younger. I felt such life even in the seeming void–and loved the way the shadows of clouds made patterns on the bald hills or the way stars looked at night.

Yet, the rainforest and mountains of British Columbia have become my home. The Irish green of the west coast is where my heart has grown. When we go to Kamloops, four hours east, however, it is semi-arid and warmer in the springs and summers, and mountainous–real horse country. We’re going this coming weekend, and I can’t wait!

Still, right here is the place I crave, and when we leave, no matter where we go on the planet, I look forward to coming home. This time of year energizes me, even if my fingers are frozen and my arms cold (for we keep our heat very low). The elements of winter and early spring are simply part of life, and I wouldn’t change that.

Here are some recent trail pics. The woods have been really muddy with big big puddles lately, and one trail I had to backtrack on. The roots tested my agility, the rushing creek soothed my senses, and the black knot galls on the tree made me sad–hoping the tree survives.



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