As posted last week, I am getting in the mood for fall. My runs have been better, but I feel true training will ramp up when it becomes cooler again. My goal is to up my one “long” run a week, which is currently around three miles, to double that.

Something happened this past week to get me super excited. As I may have posted before, I’ve been editing the anthology Winds of Change. It’s got a bunch of cool stories, all dealing with climate change. The stories were all selected from a much larger pot, and I’ve included some poetry by a couple people as well. The eclectic mix of authors are all talented writers and previously published, and range from scientists to environmental lawyer to academics to journalists to novelists.

What’s always exciting to me is the sitting down to re-read these stories and do minor proofreading, then seeing it all come together in a multiple author review stage. But the thing I’m really looking forward to is the book launch. Since a few of us live in Vancouver, we are going to launch most likely on November 17, a Tuesday evening. A local library, which is set in a beautiful park, is going to help promote the book and event, so I’m really excited about that. The woman who has been helping me set up the launch is thrilled that we are bringing expressions of environmental connections to the community. Though it has been pointed out that libraries don’t serve wine, so maybe we’ll have to stop afterward somewhere!

Something about being out on a cool, fall night is so appealing. This weekend feels like fall. My run Friday morning was nice and cool. After work, I met my husband at Stanley Park for his company picnic, and the leaves were beginning to fall! The park was full of geese, raccoons, beautiful soaring eagles, and happy people. The guys played touch football, and I sat with some red wine watching them until I ran off to try to photograph an eagle nearby. Later that night, we had our first night of pure fall-like heaven–sitting on the back deck, with a jacket on, candle lit, just talking. I stayed outside long after my husband went to sleep, just watching the night, the mist, the dark mountains in the distance, the shadowy cedars waving in the breeze. I think I belong outside. It got to be so late, but I was entrenched in the peace and beauty of the night that I had to really make myself finally go to sleep.

It is cooling down finally, though this week it’s back into the 20s (better than the 30s, which we’ve been having)–and still hardly any rain but a sprinkle here and there on Friday and Saturday.

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