Trail Running in 2018

My goals for next year including continuing to build my core and then starting to run again on the trails. Right now I am working out with light weights and rowing (the machine at my work’s gym is pretty neat in that it has water to build the tension, so you can hear water swishing).

Last night I watched the documentary Finding Traction, of Nikki Kimball’s ultra-running Vermont’s 273-mile Long Trail, the equivalent of running ten marathons back to back. She beat the woman’s record by over two days, and helped to raise funds to inspire girls to run. Well it inspired me, an older woman, to run more. I don’t have big dreams like running a 273-mile trail, but I do have dreams of running trails again.

The nice thing about trails is that you basically run flat and downhill and climb uphill. I always found some of the downhill work more treacherous than anything else. I also have terrible balance and need to build that. I mean, I’ll be happy with easier trails but do like getting to the top of mountains, so sometimes that is not all too easy.

Anyway, I guess I haven’t written too much lately. I had to finish writing a memoir, which I sent to family members for gifts. I have been writing it for almost ten years, but some parts were hard to write, such as when Dad died. Anyway, I finally got them sent out last week! And then this weekend we did some baking and making other goodies for my husband’s family. Surely one of these days I’ll have more time to sit down and blog again more regularly.

The featured image is by Czech Wikipedia user Packa–Velká kunratická: cross country running in Prague, Czech Republic: Ondřej Beran and Martin Vaněk, own work, CC BY-SA 2.5


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