A Lovely Day

I’ve had five days off, thanks to a long Easter holiday weekend and an extra day off that I took. I have spent the time with my husband, friends, and family, including a long talk with one of my sweet cousins on Thursday night. Today I had a little time to myself and got my hair done. I went in my running clothes so that afterward I could go run somewhere. I decided on Como Lake, mostly because it was on the way home and has a bathroom. Spring is trying to be here consistently, but we’ve had lots of rain. Today, however, and much of this weekend, was mostly dry. Mid-run I could feel a few raindrops, but they later went away. I guess it’s the fickle storms that are broken by sunshine, which is now out again.

I love the little Como Lake park area. A trail goes around the lake, and the trail is about 1K, so I went around several times. Old men were fishing, a couple boats were in the water, geese were protecting their soon to be mamas, seeds and petals and raindrops floated in the breeze, and kids played in a nearby playground. I lingered in all of it. I took a photo of the geese, and Google did its magic:

Well, I only plopped in to share the photo. I am in the middle of some things–planning at least two interviews in the next few months with some well-known authors as well as all the Earth Day celebrations this weekend. I will be in the Vancouver March for Science and later be on a panel with Claudia Casper, whose novel The Mercy Journals just won the Philip K. Dick Award for science fiction. The panel will be all about climate change and storytelling.

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