Every year I write that, for me, Earth Day is every day. But this particular day marks the modern environmental movement, whose first Earth Day was in 1970. As an aside, the term eco-fiction began around the same time as part of the same environmentally conscious movement. Sometimes I think that we haven’t budged an inch since 1970, but without the environmental movement we may have regressed.

I am doing a run today to get prescriptions filled (rather than driving). I’m celebrating Earth Day mostly on Sunday, however, when Vancouver has an Earth Day Parade. I recently signed up to volunteer for the Great Climate Race, so will be at their info table at Grandview Park during Vancouver’s Earth Day celebrations. Note that the following video is from last year, but this year’s race will take place on October 30.

The Great Climate Race’s first 10K/2.5K was last November. I ran with some friends and family members. The race itself practices what it preaches: being green and mitigating climate change. The race is solar-powered with the exception of some pedal-powered (people on stationary bikes) energy. The Great Climate Race’s next race is October 30, 2016, so I may dress up for that one! It’s such a great concept. Not only do they use clean energy to power the race, but there are no disposable cups and trash. You bring your own water bottle and may refill it. The Great Climate Race also crowdfunds for donating to local solar energy companies. Everything about this race is fun, clean, and beautiful, including the 10K’s scenic seawall run and the happy people running the race and committing to this community-driven event that is “the most fun you’ve ever had changing the world.”

The following image is from the Great Climate Race 2015 event. It’s a photo I took around 7-8K in to the race.


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