The Milestone

For most runners starting with the C25K program, week 5, day 3 is the big milestone. It’s a straight 20 minute run, which, depending on your speed, is a good mile and a half or two, maybe more. I did this on Saturday morning, marveling at the clouds, the leaves, the oncoming rain. I didn’t have much of a problem with it, really. A little over halfway in, I felt a little tired but actually gained some sort of second wind toward the end and was surprised when it was over. That night I celebrated with a couple bourbons and some Joni Mitchell.

This week–week six–went back to intermittent shorter runs (but still longer than the earlier week 5 runs), which I think then end in week 7, where the last two weeks are straight longer runs that lead to 5K straight.

I have to say I really enjoy running. I look forward to it.

Over the weekend I got sick and pushed my first run this week to today instead of yesterday. I kept thinking in the back of my mind that I should have done more stretches after that 20 minutes on Saturday! Sure enough, toward the end of the run today, my left leg, which had been stiff from the start, began aching, primarily along the gluteus maximus and iliotibial tract (knee area). I just kept going, determined, but now I am feeling it. Afterward I went to the gym to stretch the gluteus on a leg/weight machine there. But I have no ice and cannot wait to go home, put some ice on it, and do more stretches.

Anyway, not as many deep thoughts today about things. I’m a little achy, tired from a cold, etc. My thoughts were concentrated on the pure physical part of the run and on the pain toward the end, and on whatever that steel determination is to just go further until it’s over. I realize how silly it sounds for someone running relatively short distances compared to many runners, but everyone starts somewhere!

Onto a different subject, I recently come across Run For One Planet. They are based in Canada, have strong ties to Vancouver, and host events for runners now and then. I might want to get involved in an event next year or the year after. I think it might take a while to organize, so I’m talking to some people about such a run. Donations go toward a legacy fund that educates children about the environment. Just a thought for now.

They say now is the time to book your first 5K to give you incentive to keep going after the training program ends. It will end in November, and I don’t think there are many races around then–not until spring. I would like to do the 10k in April.

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